The Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations (IGWCO)
Community of Practice (CoP)


The Integrated Global Water Cycle Observations (IGWCO) Community of Practice (CoP) brings together the interests of a number of representatives from nations and organizations, experts, and resource managers who are interested in the use of water cycle data in the management of the world’s water on local, regional, and global scales. It involves people who are interested in the development of water cycle understanding, data products and information systems, the demonstration and assessment of the usefulness of these systems, the dissemination of the results through capacity-building and technology transfer, and the deployment of these systems and products through regional networks.  

IGWCO CoP has its roots in the former Integrated Global Observation Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P) and the community that implemented the IGOS-P water cycle theme. In 2008, this group officially became the Group on Earth Observations (GEO)  IGWCO CoP. In the GEO context, it also fosters the development of broader global and regional networks that deal with science and applications issues.

The IGWCO CoP brings together data providers, scientists, resource managers, and other users from national and international governments, universities, and organizations that are interested in the application of water cycle data in the management of the world’s water on local, regional, and global scales. 

The links between the components of the IGWCO CoP.


The IGWCO CoP undertakes and contributes to GEO studies involving innovative approaches to data collection and the application of Earth observations to decision making in the water sector. It provides leadership for many of the GEO Water Task activities and provides a forum to discuss their progress and plans. The CoP carries forward activities that have not yet been “vested” in the GEO work plan but take advantage of GEO capabilities.


The objectives of the GEO IGWCO CoP include:

  1. Providing a framework for guiding decisions regarding priorities and strategies for the maintenance and enhancement of water cycle observations.
  2. Promoting strategies that facilitate the acquisition, processing, and distribution of data products needed for effective management of the world’s water resources.
  3. Coordinating and facilitating the inputs of the global water community and its user community into the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) plans and reports.
  4. Fostering the development of tools, applications, and systems that facilitate the inclusion of water cycle information in decision-making.

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